Personal Experience

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What to expect? Nothing less than the trip of a lifetime.

By relying on our numerous experiences in Napa Valley over the past 30 years, we will guide you to most breathtaking scenery known to mankind and a design a trip just for you. From the first bend to the last sunset — and beyond — you’ll quickly realize that you’ve been transported to the land of sensory bliss, unlike any getaway you’ve ever embarked upon.

From the wine and the food to the spa, shopping and more, you’ll become intimately drawn to Napa Valley. It is our greatest joy to share our knowledge and expertise of this majestic dreamscape, making it a landmark journey for the senses and full of divine memories. 

Since this trip is created for you, we need to know your favorite (and least favorite!) types of food. What is your favorite way to relax? Is it massages, trips to the spa, or relaxing by the pool? Are you open to balloon rides, bike tours, hiking, or meeting winery owners? The opportunities are endless in The Valley and we'd love to learn about your dreams and expectations to make this a truly special and spectacular experience for you. 


The process

1. Get to Know You

We’ll arrange an initial conversation to discuss your dreams, clarify budget, and to learn more about you. We do this to ensure a unique and highly-personalized trip for you.


2. Dreams into Reality

From there, we’ll begin to capture some of your initial wishes, suggesting stellar restaurants with equally impressive wine lists and other luxurious touches.

3. Finishing Touches

As we hone in on your preferences, we’ll put the finishing touches on your getaway, and even reserve your lunch or dinner table so that our experience will make your Napa experience genuinely and truly unforgettable.

4. Off to Napa you Go!

We'll ensure everything is ready for your Napa Valley arrival, complete with a itinerary, car service, and perfectly planned activities. We'll be available 24-7 in case of any issues or emergencies arise. We can't wait to hear about your experience!